Staff Picks: Holiday!

Every week, our executive staff will answer our favorites of the moment…whether it be our favorite Berkeley hangouts, our inspirations, to everything in-between! Let us know what you want to know and we'll share!

Q: What events are you looking forward to this winter?

John Kim, Co-Editor-in-Chief: My family is taking a much needed vacation to Cabo. Also, can't wait to finally go to the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre in LA!

TT Tu, Managing Editor: December 26th! I'm gonna probably get a new pair of shoes at the Nordstrom After-Christmas Sale.

Jordan Silver, Marketing Director: I'm looking forward to Cyber Monday! My inner geek/fashionista can't wait to see all the fun deals that launch online on this day!

Katie Roseff, Co-Creative Director: My boyfriend's band Animal Super Species is playing at the Berkeley Art Museum for the Richard Misrach Oakland fire photo exhibit on November 30! Music + Art = Good times.

Jonathan Deniol Rodriguez, Co-Creative Director: I'm looking forward to not having to go to class for an entire month. Looking forward to my mom's birthday because she's the best. I'll also probably be spending New Year's Eve up here in Berkeley/SF so I'm exctied to see what goes down.

Samantha Giordano, Editorial Director: Not technically an event, but winter for me means college basketball season! Watching games is a pastime for my family and I during winter break and I love making it to a few Cal games every year.

Carolyn Yoo, Co-Art Director: New York for a week in January! Maybe it'll even snow! :)

Dooee Kim, Assistant Blog Editor: Attending Seoul Fashion Week, celebrating my 21st, truly resting during break, attending a family wedding, and for fall semester to finally be over!

Aimee Shimizu, Blog Editor: Sleeping and finishing the A Song of Ice and Fire series (or what's been released so far)! I'm on A Feast for Crows right now, but I'm dying to find out what's happened to my favorite character, Daenerys Stormborn, the Mother of Dragons.

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