Tower Heist Screening

Tower Heist, starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy.

Tower Heist, directed by Brett Ratner, is a good comedy to enjoy on a casual date or with friends and family. It tells of a luxurious apartment manager who gathers his fired coworkers and others to get back the money they’ve lost to a Wall Street swindler that lives in the Tower. He strives to find the stashed emergency money for the sake of his coworkers who worked so hard to make a living, wrongly conned by a man who slyly promised to keep their money safe.

This crime comedy is held together by a great cast, including Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Michael Pena, and even Matthew Broderick, from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! With more and more movies conforming to the standardized production of genres, Tower Heist stands out with its clever storyline. Usually comedic movies deliver a cliché tone and ending, but this movie has great moments that are delivered with great fluidity and clear crosscuts. In other words, there isn’t the usual clutter and frivolity that usually deadens a script. This quality is inevitably enhanced by the smooth acting cast. Whether it was from the casts’ immense experience in the comedic genre or not, their acting supported the script and enhanced the movie production and portrayal.

I encourage you all to go and watch this movie because it was definitely heartwarming to see the same comedic actors you grew up with collaborate with each other to create an entertaining movie. My favorite line from the movie was when the Tower’s aged doorman, after learning that all his savings are gone, says that he’s spent 19 years opening doors, but the thing is, “people can open their own doors." The movie was released November 4th, so get your tickets and experience it! And maybe, you’ll gain some insight on why the protestors are out occupying Wall Street today.

Dooee Kim
Assistant Blog Editor

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