DIY Feather Earrings

Feather earrings have been a huge trend lately and they've been seen all over Berkeley campus and on celebrities like Blake Lively and Gwenyth Paltrow. One of the downfalls of this trend is that their earrings can be extremely expensive. So why not try and make a pair for yourself and a friend for just a fraction of the cost?

Left: Feather earring on Blake Lively. Right: Statement Feather Earring from Urban Outfitters.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Feathers of your choice (You can purchase a bag of craft feathers at any art supplies store for only a few dollars.)

2. Earring hooks (These can also be purchased in a pack at an art supplies store.)

3. Jewelry wire

4. Pliers

How to do it:

1. Choose the feather or feathers you will be using and trim the stem down so only about 1 cm is left.

2. Next cut a rather long piece of jewelry wire. This will be wrapped around the stem of the feather so cut a generous length. This can always be trimmed at the end.

3. Make a small loop with the jewelry wire and place this on top of the feather stems. Begin wrapping the wire around the stems.

4. Once the stem is completely covered, cut the excess wire.

5. Grab your earring hook and open the loop. Slip your wrapped feather on and voila!

6. Repeat for the second earring.

And there you have it. Celebrity- inspired earrings for a non-celebrity budget!

Heather Hui
BARE Reporter


  1. This junior male reader would use less wire in making his date's earrings, as wire is heavy. This reader would instead use 10lb test monofilament fishing line with a drop of Krazy Glue(tm) beneath the first wrap.

  2. Its crazy going into places like Walmart, clothing stores, and the drug store and seeing feather accessories selling for anywhere between 5-15, and online for even more!

    I bought the supplies to make my own, and I spent about $10 dollars, have made one pair and still have enough supplies to make tons more!

    I like the earings Blake Lively wears in that picture. I did a post on my blog about the fashion trend of feathers and found a lot of celebrities are wearing them, but some look kinda bad.. lol.