FAST Fall 2011 Fashion Show: Rebirth

FAST's handout

FAST's fall fashion show had a theme of Rebirth, trying to recreate silhouettes, hemlines, and colors in fresh and innovative ways.

The Runway

Student designers controlled their whole look, from the selection of their models, to their hair and makeup, down to their shoes and music.

Sarah Mount started off Segment I with a retro vibe referencing the 60s, filled with fall rich colors of orange and maroon. She included frocks that were patterned and pants that were printed--perfect accessories for student day wear.

John Going continued by providing eye catching futuristic body gear over leggings that were highly structural and architectural.

Kristyn Hom's Designs

In Segment III, Kristyn Hom presented her "An Assemblage" set that truly took the theme of Rebirth to heart. She constructed her pieces from eclectic sources such as pieces of cardboard, a page from W magazine, a spool of grey thread, and much more to create her rebirth assemblage. Her designs were structural, beautifully sculpted, and avante garde. In fact, one of her designs had the model's head and body fully covered in a sculptural design with knitting draped all around.

Jaymie Ngov's Design

The last designer, Jaymie Ngov, presented a cohesive set that was filled with organza, beautiful gem-colored metallics, printed fabric, and high waisted designs that made everyone know he was a true FAST veteran designer.

Dooee Kim
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