Flacos: Vegan (and Organic) and Mexican

Well, it’s the middle of finals week, and that usually means two things for me: lots of time spent on Facebook, and even more time spent binge-eating. That’s why my trip to Flacos this week was even more exhilarating than usual (and yes, I’m that guy who uses the word “exhilarating” when he’s talking about food).

“Feed la Revolución!” Well, they definitely fed my hearty appetite. Image courtesy of Flacos.

Let’s talk a little about Flacos though, shall we? Before we even get to the food. The restaurant has established its little location at the corner of Ashby and Adeline, more or less (it’s kind of a weird intersection), but you get the idea. I’m choosing to believe it was a personal decision on the owner’s part, but the entire restaurant very much so gives off the vibe of a traditional little Los Angeles taco stand. The little plastic chairs and table on the patio in the back, the very quaint size of the indoor dining room, the flashing neon “OPEN” sign. It feels very homey and cozy.

As for the quality of the food, Flacos proudly claims that they have no microwaves, and that all of their food is organic, local, and non-GMO. On their website, they have a list of all the local farmers they support. And, on top of that, you can go to any Farmer’s Market in the Berkeley area, find the Flacos stand, and have your fill!

The Full Plate, complete with sensational taquitos. Image courtesy of Yelp.

And let’s just say, you want to have your fill. The food at Flacos was flavorful, wholesome, and entirely filling. And super cheap. You can order the tacos and taquitos a la carte for two and three dollars each respectively, and the tamales are four dollars each. You can also get a 16 oz. pozole, a savory corn hominy in a chili-based soup. I personally opted for the “Full Plate,” where you can select a main course item to go with your black beans, brown rice, and avocado salsa. I opted for a pair of taquitos. My fellow food companion ordered the “Huarache,” a dish with avocado, pinto beans, rice, cilantro, onions, radish, cabbage and salsa. By the time both plates were almost entry, I’m pretty sure neither of us could breathe (in a good way).

16 oz. worth of awesome Pozole. Get at it. Image courtesy of Yelp.

So, this is the part where you torch your take home final and take a food field trip. Don’t forget to get some Pan Dulce or Polvorones for dessert. Also, if you feel like heading over during the week, you can partake in Taquito Tuesday, Huarache Wednesday, or Soft Taco Thursday.

Until next time! Check out parts 1, 2, and 3 here. And, as always, you can send requests and suggestions to ryanroschke@gmail.com.

Ryan Roschke
BARE Reporter


  1. mmmm i LOVE flaco's! good people, great food.

  2. Looks delicious!