Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

So this year the Victoria’s Secret fashion show once again didn't disappoint audiences of both sexes (we gals love the lingerie, and hey, so do the guys!). This year featured some very amazing pieces that sparkled with wonder (such as the LOVE PINK sparkle top, so cute) and the 5 million dollar bra (Christmas present?). The angels lit up the stage with their out-of-this world costumes and the entertainment was, of course, entertaining.

Top: Adam Levine gives his "angel" a kiss on the cheek. Middle: Jay-Z and Kanye show us how it's done. Bottom: A model escorts Nicki Minaj down the runway.

Among them was bad boy boyfriend of model Anne V. and headman of Maroon 5, Adam Lavine, whose crooning and playful dance with his gf brought sexy back and showed that even bad boys can settle down, but still keep a relationship hot. Jay-Z and Kanye brought the house down (but watch yourself with those models, Jay, baby momma Beyonce was watching!). And of course Nikki Minaj fit right in with her crazy costumes and antics, like when she had a model twirl her down the runway.

Adriana Lima, making brunettes everywhere proud.

Also, I would like to take this time to comment on angel Adriana Lima. Oh my god. She is SO SASSY! I love her. Her bod is bangin’, and I have yet to see someone rock the runway the way she does. She does a fellow brunette proud.

I think it’s also important to note that these shows weren’t always so fabulous. In fact, I watched about 3 minutes of the first show, and boy was it a snoozefest. If this was a telling of that era, no wonder I didn’t party that much in ’96 (besides the fact that I was 6 years old).

However, if you are like me and spend about 90% of your paycheck on fancy little sexy things that no one really ever sees, you’ll be glad to know that VS is offering a few of their special runway items online, just in time for the holidays. I surely hope some boyfriends (your's and mine) read this blog and get the hint. You’re welcome girls!

Daniella Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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