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Cal students are notorious for their high stress levels and nonexistent abnormal sleep cycles - after all, we're not called the best public university in the nation for nothing. But as most of you have probably realized, the first couple weeks of each semester are blissfully free of the problem sets and midterms that are sure to plague us in the near future. So the question is, what are we supposed to do with all of this spare time? Lucky for you, I've rounded up the best of what's happening in Berkeley right now:

L@TE: Friday Nights at BAM/PFA - This Friday, January 27, the BAM/PFA (2626 Bancroft Way) will be holding an evening soiree in honor of none other than the incredibly luminous, perfectly curvaceous, and extremely unattainable...moon. Contemplate this cosmic wonder while listening Tana Sprague play songs from her upcoming album Nine Chains to the Moon, as well as the soundtrack to her short film about the moon. Guests will also go home with a free tote bag designed by Dustin Wengreen in commemoration of Land and Sea’s first collaboration with BAM/PFA.

L@TE ADMISSION: $7, free for UC Berkeley students, faculty, staff and BAM/PFA members.

Image courtesy of The Telegraph.

Andy Warhol: Polaroids - Ever been obsessed with Edie Sedgwick, The Factory, or Campbell tomato soup cans? If the answer is yes, then I highly suggest you check out the opening of Andy Warhol: Polaroids at the Berkeley Art Museum (2626 Bancroft Way). Hosted by the BAM/PFA Student Committee , this event is promising to have it all: gallery chat with Director Larry Rinder, and Co-Curators Stephanie Cannizzo and Fabian Leyva- Barraganwho, a screening of Warhol's VINYL, a photobooth, and free Cheeseboard! Just be sure to come dressed in your best Studio 54 attire and get ready to boogie down.

Free admission.

Free Sunday at California Academy of Sciences - So this is neither in Berkeley or on a Friday, but who could pass up an opportunity to go to the California Academy of Sciences...for free?! This wonder emporium houses everything from a tropical rain forest to a planetarium, and no trip would really be complete without a stroll on its living roof. Free Sunday's are only held every quarter of a year, so be sure to catch the next one on February 5th!

Ike's Lair in Oakland - Ike's made a name for itself by making sandwiches with awesome names like Doomsday and Lex Luthor, and almost everyone agrees that their dirty sauce is like liquid crack. While the original Ike's Place is located in San Francisco, these sandwich gods have decided to set up shop in the East Bay - more specifically, right by Berkeley's beloved Bakesale Betty. Deciding what to get for lunch just suddenly got that much harder.

Ike's Lair is located at 2204 Broadway.

Watch a movie - Every semester, SUPERB (Student Union Program, Entertainment, and Recreation Board) puts on a number of great events, and one of my favorites has always been the movie screenings. This Friday, January 27th, they will be showing Drive, a movie that features Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, and (apparently) one extremely hot kissing scene in an elevator. Need I say more?

Screening times are at 7 and 9 p.m. in Wheeler Auditorium. $3 with Cal id, $5 general admission.

Aimee Shimizu is currently the Editor of BARE Blog. Her one wish in life is to attend a Chanel show.

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