The Perfect Men's Blazer

"Hugo Boss meets North Face."

Who could ignore a mission statement like that? While my love of North Face has been well-documented, I have to say I had my doubts about the style potential of such a combination. But AlbertMing, the new menswear line founded by Albert Shyy (currently a Haas MBA student) and Ming Chang (a fellow UC Berkeley grad), manages to bring the best of both worlds in a collection that is refreshingly modern. Tailored to create a sharp, James Bond-esque silhoutte, the initial collection of suits and a dress shirt already have a lot going for them in the aesthetic department, but the real kicker is that they're also water and stain repellent. (Good news for those clumsy gentlemen who survive on emergency coffee runs to Peet's!)

Continuing the work they've already done, the duo have now set their sights on something a bit more ambitious: creating the perfect men's blazer. Impossible? I would say yes, but if AlbertMing can make Hugo Boss + North Face work, then anything is possible. The blazer itself will be made from stain-proof nanotech wool, have a fine Bemberg lining (more breathable than your run-of-the-mill polyester), and of course possess a sleek, modern feel. If you would like to contribute to their project, head over to Kickstarter and pledge to be a backer. As Albert himself mentioned, this is a blazer that will look great in every Berkeley wardrobe!

Help AlbertMing make the perfect blazer by clicking here.

For more information on AlbertMing, check out their website here.

Aimee Shimizu
BARE Blog Editor

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