Fall 2012: Jason Wu

It’s that time of the year: New York Fashion Week. Aside from his sold-out Target line, headlining designer Jason Wu debuted his Fall 2012 collection — a medley of silk brocade, tassels and studs—inspired by his Chinese roots. The level of opulence spills into all aspects, as soon as the red-lacquered doors open up with models fiercely strutting down the runway. Very regal and warrior-like, to say the least.

Strong, defined shoulders were used to parallel the powerful feminine side of warriors.

Wu matched his runway designs—they fell in the color spectrum of black, olive green and burgundy—with a large array of decorative elements: fur overlay, studded gold gloves, militaristic buttons, earrings embellished with black tassels, miniature, structured bags, velvet trimming and a touch of ornamentation here and there to spruce up the oriental outfits that scream, “I’m in charge!”

Pony up, everyone. Heavily gelled slicked-back hairstyles dominated the runway scene.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t checked out Wu’s coveted pieces, take center stage and grab a front-row seat — virtually, of course — here on YouTube.

Which collection from NYFW has stolen your heart thus far?

All images courtesy of the Stylelist.

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