Staff Picks: Hit the Books

Every week, our executive staff will answer our favorites of the moment…whether it be our favorite Berkeley hangouts, our inspirations, to everything in-between! Let us know what you want to know and we'll share!

Q: What's your favorite study spot?

Gabrielle Elias, Editor-in-Chief: This is a bit strange, but Dwinelle. There are little alcoves built into the walls on the upper floors. Perfect spot!

Katie Roseff, Co-Creative Director: I like A'cuppa Tea on College because it's just far enough that it isn't packed with students, and it is really quiet. I have been meaning to check out the Bamscape though at the museum because it looks so cool!

Tanya Sanderson, Events Director: Elmwood on College. I love to get a little something to eat and something sweet. The mocha is divine!

Samantha Giordano, Editorial Director: Aw, I was going to pick Elmwood (best hot chocolate I have ever tasted)! For another suggestion - and one on campus - I recommend the top floor of the East Asian Library. Comfy chairs and huge windows.

Kelsey Bucsko, Co-Marketing Director: Sack's Coffe House on Derby & College, because the music is wonderful and the fruit and yogurt parfaits are even better!

Giana Tansman, Co-Marketing Director: My favorite is Nabolom Bakery in Elmwood, they make the best cookies in the world and have the most comfortable couch. I can spend hours there with a plate of fresh baked "Oat House" cookies and my textbooks.

Aimee Shimizu, Blog Director: I work at the Unit 1 Academic Services Center, and sometimes if I'm really having trouble concentrating, I'll come in to study during our off-hours. Ah, the perks of being an employee!

Where do you go to get your study on? Let us know in the comments!

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