Upgrade or Downgrade? A Grammy Awards Fashion Exclusive

Well, as I’m sure you’re all well aware, the Grammy Awards happened for the 54th time on Sunday, and I think we all know what that means: outrageous fashion choices. This year, I thought it would be interesting to select some of the music industry’s most prominent artists, and determine how much their respective style choices have changed in the last year.

Let’s start with our favorite Barbadian songstress, Rihanna. Now, last year, her dress of choice was… well… like a very intricately trimmed poodle. I give you Exhibit A:

Well, you win some you lose some. (Just Jared)

Not sure why it didn’t translate well for Rihanna from the Jean Paul Gaultier collection that year, but it was not doing her any favors, and I don’t think her crimson hair was helping either. This year, however, Rihanna really cleaned up with a stunning Armani gown.

UPGRADE. Incredibly sexy and chic. Not a fan of the hairstyle, but it seems to be some sort of shout out to the late Whitney Houston, so I’m on board. (Perez Hilton)

The dress itself is all of the mores we could have wanted: more class, more simplicity, more aesthetically pleasing color scheme, etc. I’m not complaining about the plunging neckline either (it suits her way better than that awful green dress J. Lo wore like, a decade ago). Way to go Rihanna. Next year, let’s aim for an accompanying hairstyle too!

So it’s a little confusing with the missing flank and the wing-like object on her shoulder, but somehow, it manages so make cohesive sense in the end. (Just Jared)

Let’s move on to another lady who had a quite successful year (and maybe a little rough too). Last year, Katy Perry had Russell Brand on her arm, and while her choice of dress was a little out there, she looked pretty gorgeous overall. Beautiful, dark hair and an elegant train made it a sort of win.

DOWNGRADE. But yes, this is a step in the right direction. Keep trying, Katy. You’ll get it. You have a lot on your mind. (Perez Hilton)

Well, fresh from her split into a cotton candy machine, Katy Perry seems to be taking a step into a more elegant direction, but she’s taken a few wrong turns. I loved the color of her dress, wasn’t a huge fan of the style. She paired her look with a quite demure up-do (always a plus), but her hair and her roots made it a little distracting. Keep trying though, Katy! I have faith!

One of the best parts is that her hand camouflages with her hip. (Just Jared)

…And now we come to the choice that I’m sure was confusing and fascinating for all of us, the one and only Nicki Minaj. Last year, she came as some sort of leopard diva/ Bride of Frankenstein concoction. Definitely an attention grabber, and animal prints have definitely been a returning trend in recent years, but I’m going to go ahead and say that it didn’t quite hit the mark.

ABOUT THE SAME. Both of these choices were so stylistically out there and different, that it’s hard to tell if Minaj is trending up or down. Our research team will have to gather more data and report back. (Perez Hilton)

Well, this year, I’m still as confused and fascinated as ever. Don’t get me wrong, a Versace cape sounds fierce and amazing (in theory)! But something about this entire look just leaves me scratching my head. Half of me is rooting for her, and half of me is hoping she doesn’t drown. Oh, and did I mention her escort was dressed as a Catholic priest? Either way, I think this is one of a long line of Grammy spectacles (here’s lookin’ at you and your egg, Lady GaGa), and we should all just smile and nod and brace ourselves for what’s coming next. Next stop: the Oscars?

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