Color Blocking & Prints: Inspiration for Spring Trends from S.F. Murals

I recently had the pleasure of taking a trip to San Francisco where I saw a vast array of murals which are part of the Lilac Mural Project located along Lilac Alley between 24th and 26th Street. Founded in 2007 by graffiti artists, the mission of this colorful pop art mural project was to demonstrate that with the consent of the community, graffiti can become a rich art culture and source for inspiration.

The project certainly has been successful in its mission. As I walked along the alley, I couldn’t help but be drawn by all of the vibrant colors and patterns. What I realized is how perfectly suited their palette was for spring fashion trends such as color blocking and prints.

Here is a look at how I’ve interpreted two of my favorite murals from that day into cheerful springtime looks for both men and women:

First up are prints!

As you can see, the murals that I have selected contain very rich color and graphic qualities which, when treated as fabric prints, provide unique and bold patterns. In both images I have also explored how these patterns could be further abstracted to create more organic forms while still maintaining their vibrant colors.

Next, we have color blocking.

The trick with color blocking is to not choose too many colors at once. Here, I have chosen to focus on three colors per look. Selecting colors found in the murals gave me a great opportunity to pair colors which I may have otherwise never thought of putting together. The result is an eye-catching look which will send any gazer on a visual journey.

So, I urge that inspiration for fashion can be drawn from places other than the runway and I challenge all fashion enthusiasts to push outside of their comfort zone. Pay special attention to your surroundings. Perhaps look at food, listen to music, or gaze at murals like I did. I guarantee you will happen upon a very wonderful opportunity and spark of style innovation.

All images composed by the author.

Joaquin Ugalde is currently a reporter for BARE Magazine. A 3rd year architecture major, he enjoys all things related to design, food, public service, and FASHION!

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