Interview with Kathleen Murillo of Inspirafashion

If she isn't already, Kathleen Murillo is THE next big fashion blogger to watch out for. While most of her fellow college students are struggling to get out of bed, Kathleen manages to dress impeccably for every occasion, documenting it all on her wonderful blog, Inspirafashion. We caught up with the stylish star and picked her brains on everything from style inspiration to favorite Bay area shops. Enjoy!

How did you first get into blogging?

I wanted to find a way to channel my great love for fashion. I first found a great online fashion community, Chictopia where I first found out about what fashion blogging was. I had no idea how much fun of a hobby it would be for me to share my passion of styling with readers all over the world.

You've since been featured on numerous websites like Refinery 29, Elle, and Teen Vogue. Has blogging given you any other opportunities that might not have come along otherwise?

It gave me an amazing opportunity to meet my readers and fellow bloggers at fashion events, they're all so inspiring. My blog has also given me the chance to collaborate with different brands to model for their amazing clothing, like ModCloth, Designers+artists, and MobShop to curate a vintage collection. Also, I was featured in the Philippine Teen Magazine, CandyMag and Indonesia's CosmoGIRL! magazine. I'm seriously so grateful for all these amazing opportunities.

Do you ever get recognized while you're out and about? Is it (for lack of a better word) weird?

I have been approached by my readers while shopping, and it's the most sincerest form of flattery. It always means a lot to meet them in person - it's funny because when I talk to them it's like they're my old friends back in high school or like I've known them forever :).

Excuse me for being obvious, but you have an amazing sense of style. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Ah you're the sweetest, thank you! I firstly..."get it from my mama" haha, which is true. My mom is always my main source - she inspired me to start thrifting and finding love for vintage items with her amazing wardrobe. And secondly, all my favorite fashion bloggers and readers inspire my style. If I love what they create, I get inspired and try to incorporate it into my next outfit for the day.

What are your go-to items at the moment?

Flatforms, they're completely comfortable and add the extra height I need! I've found a big love for vintage Coach. So far I have two bags, but I definitely feel my collection will continue to grow.

Are there any shops (clothing or otherwise) in the Bay Area that you like to frequent?

I love all shops on Haight St., especially Wasteland. Crossroads, Goodwill, and Buffalo Exchange are go-to's for thrifting in Berkeley. Favorite cupcake shop ever? Love At First Bite in Gourmet Ghetto :).

Once spring comes around to stay for good, what new trends are you most looking forward to trying out?

Once the sun comes back, I'm going to dress in pastels, flowy sheer dresses/skirts, and high-waisted denim shorts.

I can't help but notice that your makeup always look flawless. Care to share any beauty tips?

Aw, thank you! An important part of my makeup routine is applying liquid eyeliner. Trust me, I've tried lots to find the perfect one that draws smoothly and dries quickly. I finally found the best! I recommend MAC's Penultimate eyeliner.

What can readers of Inspirafashion expect to see in the future?

Lots of exciting posts! I'm thinking though to possibly add in guest-posts to my blog or do featured blogger posts of fashion bloggers I admire with interviews. I'll be hosting giveaways for my readers as well. Also, I'm making it a point to update my Youtube channel more often as well :).

Thank you for your time, Kathleen! If you would like to see more, be sure to check out Inspirafashion , or follow Kathleen on Twitter!

All images courtesy of Kathleen Murillo of Inspirafashion. Top image composed by author.

Aimee Shimizu is currently the Editor of BARE Blog.

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  1. i love her! she's one of my fave style icons because she's genuine, relatable, cute as a button and my graduating year woohoo!

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