Berkeley Vegan Earth Day Proves Berkeley is More Berkeley Than Ever

This sign was made by recycled paper by one of the artists featured in the silent auction!

It’s no secret that we’re fans of vegan food (and other vegan shenanigans), which is why we dedicated a whole series to vegan restaurants last semester. And well, as luck would have it, this past weekend the vegans came to us! That’s right, Berkeley Vegan Earth Day came to campus this past Sunday, and let’s just say our vegan food babies were having vegan food babies of their own.

You thought we were joking but we weren’t. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Waffles. With chocolate chips. And whipped cream.

It all started with the vegan waffle bar, provided by Local Love Catering at the entrance. Correction, vegan and gluten free waffle bar. Complete with chocolate chips, whipped coconut cream, and more. It wasn’t even 10:30 a.m., and we were already sold. Not to mention the press passes (which were braided t-shirt scraps), enabled access to the press room, and a veritable gold mine of vegan snacks (like those awesome cookies from the Alternative Baking Company).

You know these cookies. Everyone knows these cookies. Surprise! They’re vegan!

The event was held in Wurster Hall (the building for the College of Environment Design), and lasted more or less all day. There was a great silent auction at the entrance, which included flowers made from recycled paper, screen prints, jewelry, and other fun. Just beyond the auction, there was a stunning variety of booths featuring everything from vegan restaurants, to vegan snack bar companies, to animal rights groups, to baked goods, to clothes! There was even a vegan dog food stand - we’re serious. Our personal favorites were the vegan Indian food from Yogi’s Cooking, the nut-based gelato from Genuto, and the amazing wraps from Nature’s Express (remember how we reviewed them last semester?).

Too many vegan confections to count. We were dizzy.

The event also had a great deal of speakers and demonstrations! Some standouts included a screening and Q&A of the intense documentary “Cove,” and a “Do It Yourself” lecture on how to build furniture from the palettes that furniture is usually shipped on! Talk about ironic, right? There was also a wonderful little cooking demo that focused on speedy and tasty vegan treats. Long story short, there was something for everyone, and we left the event with our bellies full and our brains brimming. Make sure to go next year, because we hear it’s going to be an annual event!

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