GIRL(S) Problems

A select group of Cal students got the opportunity to see the first two episodes of the new HBO series, GIRLS, on Monday night. Graciously hosted by the Pacific Film Archive, the event lasted about two hours and included free Zachary’s pizza, beverages, GIRLS t-shirts, and even a give-away for an iPad. Thanks to HBO, Berkeley students got a special sneak peak of the new show, which premieres this Sunday, April 15th at 10:30 PM.

The backs of the complimentary t-shirts read “#MistakesGirlsMake,” which essentially sums up the premise of the series. The plot follows four main girls in their early twenties who met in college - one is a free spirit, one has been in an unfulfilling relationship for four years, another is a virgin, and the last, the main character, is casually hooking up with a compete idiot. These four comprise the GIRLS, a group of young women desperately seeking employment, happiness, and first and foremost - a sense of self. Though disarmingly awkward at points, the show did an excellent job of reflecting the state of many modern relationships among young people; in particular, citing the many, many mistakes that girls make in pursuit of male attention.

Many critics have drawn a comparison between GIRLS and Sex & the City, due primarily to the four-woman focus, and it being filmed in New York City. However, it would seem that the biggest discrepancy between this review and reality is the fact that the characters in this series are after all, just girls. They have neither the years necessary or firm self-assurance that even one of the Sex & the City characters has, but, therein lies their charm. Produced by Judd Apatow, GIRLS is certain to be anything but the average series about four girls. Instead, it already seems to be quite the satire on girls’ values, which makes for quite an entertaining watch.

Kelsey Bucsko is currently the Marketing Director of BARE Magazine.


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