Instagram with A Side Platter of Fashion

After its launch on Androids and a headline-making, whopping $1 billion acquisition, Instagram, a mobile, social photo application, is taking the world by storm — and the fashion world is no exception. Perhaps one of the most coveted app obsessions to date, Instagram is revealing in the best way possible. Those in the fashion industry are all getting Insta-fied, posting backstage photos, unveiling sneak peeks of a new seasonal collections, and teasing their readers with their travel adventures and outfit shots. Who can blame them when the most luxurious goodies and all of life’s finer things surround them? To top it off, these fashion insiders have already mastered the art of layering, always dressed to the nines at every exclusive event. So, readers, why not take a cue from these fashion experts and let the spirit of Instagram descend on you?

@grabalgurung : Designer Prabal Gurung is on the jet life. He is always posting snapshots of his travels, as he treks across the globe.

@GaryPepperGirl: Australian blogger Nicole Warne has an eye for color. She wears it all--from bold, multi-colored printed pants to sweeping floor-length gowns that drape over her body so effortlessly.

@cocorocha: Cover girl Coco Rocha is one of the most visible and ubiquitous characters in the New York scene. Offering the best behind-the-scenes photos, Coco Rocha is always rubbing elbows with other designers and lovely faces.

@natalieoffduty: Readers will invariably see blogger Natalie Suarez zeroing on the best fashion finds — you won’t be disappointed by her many bohemian rhapsody-inspired looks.

@burberry: Burberry has the words, “British Invasion,” written all over it. Photos range from landscapes of London to ad campaigns.

@takinyerphoto: Street style…the mobile way! Candid photos of subjects meandering along the paths in the Big Apple.

Who are you following on Instagram? Comment below and tell me who your go-to people are for fashion inspiration.

Stacy Chan is currently a reporter for BARE Blog. A pop culture enthusiast, she loves combing the Bay Area for good eats and filling in the gaps of her day with some retail therapy. It doesn't help that she memorizes her credit card number.

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