Ralph Lauren Olympic Wear: Impressive or Uninspiring?

I was so excited to find out that my favorite preppy designer, Ralph Lauren, would be outfitting the 2012 Olympic team, with a collection that resembles motifs from the vintage London 1948 Olympic games.

The US team hopes to bring home the gold in Olympic fashion.

There are fleece warm-ups, cricket-collar shirts, and sweatshirts in of course red, white, and navy. An updated 1948 crest is on many of the pieces, along with USA appliques. There will also be accessories including tote bags, towels, hats, and eyewear.

However, I think it’s important to consider what this means for America as a fashion capital. We are going to be represented nationally by this collection. England has chosen Stella McCartney and Italy has their Olympic line designed by Giorgio Armani, both very high-profile designers that are known for their elegance and flair. When most people hear the name “Ralph Lauren”, the image of their clean and classic polo shirts comes to mind. Is it bad that a designer who is better known for their casual wear than couture is representing us? I think not, especially after considering that it is after all supposed to be a sports line. Ralph Lauren is a good balance of sophistication and class without being overly pretentious. I think the brand holds many American values that represent us well.

How do you think Ralph measures up to the competition? Be sure to check out the collection, available in May in stores and on both the Ralph Lauren and Team USA official websites!

Danielle Ciappara is currently a reporter for BARE Blog. Her interests are fashion, pie-baking, baseball, and Rothko. She also answers to the name 'Ciapparty'.

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