Reflecting on the Royal Wedding A Year Later

It’s funny to think that it has been a year since I sat mesmerized before the TV in hot anticipation for the biggest nuptial event of the century: the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Everything about it seemed enchanting, and seemed to make the fairy tales that I used to watch repeatedly come to life. The world seemed to be captivated by this event, but one can’t help but wonder exactly why. Perhaps it was nostalgia of the great traditions of a monarchy that once ruled the world? Maybe it had to do with people who still remembered the tragic day that the prince’s mother had died? Maybe it was just the sheer grandeur of an event with a star- and dignitary-studded guest list, a dress that was so beautiful it made me want to cry, and so many people in crazy hats? Or on more shallow terms, was it the fact that hearts were breaking all over the world at the loss of one of the world’s most eligible bachelor?

Since that lovely wedding, the royal couple has been under scrutiny by the media and put in almost every tabloid around the world. Fierce rumors run around, including Kate’s supposed eating disorder and pregnancy gossip. While many of us might be getting sick of it, the benefits of this obsession have been paying off for the mother country of the royals. Polls report that people now hold the British monarchy in higher esteem, which is good for a country that is going through tough economic times. A higher morale is good for Britain, and it is not surprising that many people have become delighted seeing the couple out on “formal engagements” canoodling with the cream of the crop while they enjoy the honeymoon period of their marriage.

And I say best of luck to the couple. I say to them, congratulations, your marriage has lasted eons longer than any Kardashian one will (Khloe not included). And, please feel free to give my number to your dear brother, Harry. I don’t mind that he is a soulless ginger, or that he may not even be your full brother due to the fact that he looks exactly like the man that Diana had an affair with. It has been great watching you two develop as a couple. I hope that you have many happy years together and have many babies, because your respective gene pools are so amazing that it would be a disservice to society if you didn’t. And in case you forgot, I was serious about you giving my number to Prince Harry. Like, now.

Danielle Ciappara is currently a reporter for BARE Blog. Her interests are fashion, pie-baking, baseball, and Rothko. She also answers to the name 'Ciapparty'.

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