Staff Picks: Ready to Launch

It's finally here! In honor of BARE Magazine's Launch Party (details here!), we decided to ask the execs what they're most looking forward to in regards to the new issue. Read everyone's answers below:

Gabrielle Elias, Editor-in-Chief: I can't wait to see everyone's reactions! The whole magazine looks fantastic! Amazing job this semester! :]

Carolyn Yoo, Co-Layout Director: The photoshoots, of course! My particular favorite is 'Femme Fetale', look forward to it!

TT Tu, Co-Layout Director: Lookin' forward to the B&W shoot! :) Props to creative!

Kelsey Bucsko, Co-Marketing Director: I'm excited to celebrate the fabulous new issue with the Cal community at our launch party this Saturday at Free House!

Giana Tansman, Co-Marketing Director: I'm excited for the CLOTHES! I need some new inspiration for my summer outfits! And of course the editorial reviews, they always introduce me to something new that I fall in love with.

Jonathan Deniol Rodriguez, Co-Creative Director: I am looking forward to seeing the entire staff celebrating each other and showing support for the magazine. It's a fantastic issue. However, I am most looking forward to spending time and celebrating with my Co-Creative Director, Katie Roseff!

Katie Roseff, Co-Creative Director: The magazine as a whole! It is amazing to see the hard work that each team put into creating one final, amazing product!

Samantha Giordano, Editorial Director: The photo shoots are always exciting, especially because I've read the articles too many times already and I need to look at something that doesn't involve words! However… the articles are all utterly awesome.

Tanya Louise, Events Director: I am looking forward to the writing! The articles in this issue are exceptional, great job to Sam!

Aimee Shimizu, Blog Director: I feel the magazine gets better and better with each semester, and this issue is no exception! Everything looks fantastic...I'm so proud of all of our teams!

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