Album Review: Luke Redfield’s “Tusen Takk”

Luke Redfield might not be a name that you’re immediately familiar with, but his collaborators are indie superstars. The indie-folk singer-songwriter recently released his sophomore record entitled “Tusen Takk”, which was co-produced by Andrew Bird’s guitarist, Jeremy Ylvisaker. The album also features members of Peter Wold Crier, Dark Dark Dark, and, my personal favorite, Bon Iver. If you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned musicians, it will probably come as no shock to you to hear that the instrumentals on this record are phenomenal; the added orchestration in songs like “I Want Only” or the guitar solo in “Walk In Love” make this an album worth listening to. Redfield’s impressive lineup was what initially attracted my attention, but it was Redfield that kept me hooked.

Redfield sounds a bit like everyone – one moment he’s Bright Eyes, the next he’s M Ward or Townes Van Zandt, and at other times he’s channeling Iron and Wine. Redfield’s whispery and raspy tone is engaging, but he generally sounds best when harmonizing with someone else as demonstrated in songs like “My Sweet Lass” and “Eden.” In general, Redfield’s songs have nice harmonies and choruses – each song consistently begins on a good note – which more than make up for slightly weaker verses. If you’re a fan of Band of Horses or Ray LaMontagne, then “Tusen Takk” is right up your alley. Album standouts include “Cowboy Song”, “My Sweet Lass”, and “Gilgamesh.”

If you’re interested in listening to Luke Redfield’s newest album you can follow this link to his website where you can listen to each of the songs off the album (in their entirety) for free. If you enjoy “Tusek Takk” you can also listen to Redfield’s debut album, Ephemeral Eon here.

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