It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

The fireball as seen over Reno, NV.

On the morning of Sunday, April 22, many agree that they heard a large boom reverberating through the atmosphere. Those who happened to be outside at the time saw an accompanying streak of light through the sky — in broad daylight. There have been speculations that it could have been a government missile, (and the government broke the sound barrier as a cover up?) or maybe even Superman himself. But in actuality, the streak and sonic boom have been attributed to a fireball entering the atmosphere. A fireball is a very large meteor that can achieve the brightness of a full moon for a short time. They occur every day in all parts of the world, but the average person only sees 2 in their lifetime. This fireball, which was visible in California and parts of Nevada, was a part of the Lyrid meteor shower that makes its spin annually for a weekend in April. Since the moon was in a new phase and the sky was darker, the shower was even more visible during the night than it has been in previous years.

A sky map of the Lyrid shower.

And here’s where the story gets a little kooky.

A peak of the shower directly coincided with Coachella Weekend 2 (which I had the pleasure of attending), and specifically with the famed Snoop/Dre set in which the late rap legend Tupac made a holographic appearance. Putting two and two together, I found out that viewers witnessed a meteor right before Tupac’s entrance. Many were freaking out (even beyond the fact that a hologram was coming to life before their eyes). At first, I was confused as to why they reacted this way. But after talking to some people who were there at the set, I discovered the reason behind this odd reaction. In their paranoia and exhaustion at the end of a long weekend, some people synthesized that this meteor was Tupac’s spirit coming back to earth. Is this just pure kooky conspiracy? Or is this more than a cosmic coincidence. I’ll let you decide.

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