Summer’s Temptation vs. Library’s Call

As the sun begins to heat up and the shade of a nearby tree becomes an ever-engrossing daydream, students have begun debating the merits of exploring the great outdoors versus studying amongst the high-ceilinged bookcases that line the Main Stacks corridors. While last Friday marked the end of Berkeley’s formal classes, the fun is only just beginning as RRR week approaches. Better known as “Dead Week,” RRR week is a full 7 days dedicated to studying for finals and attending various office hours and review sessions, but more often than not, the time is spent on more…well, engrossing topics.

The big question every student must contemplate: “How will I spend dead week?” Wanting to get the scoop on who actually studied and who had study “parties,” I decided to actually go find out. And what better to get to know the students than by prowling around Sproul Steps?

After a few hours worth of talking to people, I complied a pretty decent array of responses to the simple question: “What’s your favorite thing to do during dead week?” I heard everything from sleeping in to frat hopping to spontaneous trips to SF; I even got several Stanford trips among the mix (hissss…). But what was the most popular? Surprisingly enough it was a mix, “Study party kickbacks.” When I asked what that entailed, I learned that it means studying all day with review groups, but then once everyone’s brains starts to wander it’s time to pile onto a couch and put in a movie/pop open a beer or two.

Turns out most of the people I interviewed sided with the general consensus of current sophomore Kelli who said, “Obviously since it’s dead week it would be to my own disadvantage to not study for my finals, yet at the same time, after a long day cooped up inside Doe or the Moffit, a few drinks with some friends doesn’t hurt. It’s all about prioritizing!”

Whether you’re majoring in Computer Science or Sociology, MCB or Rhetoric, one thing is clear - prioritizing is a must if you’re not to fall into the cycle of procrastination. And what better way to exercise that than during dead week. So whatever your plans are for dead week make sure to pack in at least a few hours of study time in order to offset all the other things one might do to procrastinate… (Not that I encourage it, as a Berkeley affiliate and all :P Just off the record.)

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and UCB Library. Composed by Aimee Shimizu.

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