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The girls of Stella McCartney's Resort 2013 collection.

Well, "reading" might be a bit generous. In fact, a more accurate term would probably be "internet browsing". But you won't tell our English professors about what we've been up to, right?

- Because who wouldn't want to take a vacation on a Louis Vuitton bag?

- Ah, the life of a star blogger! Just think of all the fabulous destinations, the never-ending flow of party invitations, and...the waiting? Guess it's time to go to Plan B...

- The Avengers is the third highest grossing movie domestically. Lady Gaga has won 5 Grammy awards and is number four on Billboard's list of top moneymakers. Find out what the two have in common here.

- Proof that age really is just a number.

- Food and fashion? Why, it's a match made in heaven!

- If you haven't seen Maya Rudolph do her Gwen Stefani impression, click on this link immediately. Go on! We can wait.

- Father's Day is coming up! Prepare yourself by checking out this slideshow of famous dads and their equally famous kids!

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Aimee Shimizu is currently the Editor of BARE Blog. She suffers from a bad habit of using the internet to procrastinate on her homework.

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