Brave New Voices Poetry Slams

Check this out - Berkeley will be playing host to the Brave New Voices quarter and semi-finals this Thursday and Friday, and this isn't something you want to miss. If you're not familiar with Brave New Voices, it's the national youth slam poetry that takes place every year. The largest youth poetry festival in the world, this year the finals are occurring in our very own backyard.
Just click here and RSVP to reserve a seat at one of the various venues in Berk on July 19th or 20th. The cost is free, and even if you've never been to a slam poetry event before, now is a good time to experience it, since Brave New Voices brings in talent from all over the country as well as locally. Poems are typically very emotional, and poets can speak on a wide range of topics, from politics, gender issues, to even lisps. No matter the style, each is ripe with truth and passion.

Listen to some of my personal favorite poems here:

Watsky is a Bay Area poet and crazy fast rapper. But don't ask me, ask the 20 million people who saw this video of his. Watsky is clever, funny, and insanely talented so you MUST study up on all of his work. He's going on tour too, check him out at Slim's on July 29th.

RAFAEL CASAL - "Barbie & Ken 101"
Give it up for this Berkeley native!! Check out the sweatshirt;) This is some real truth about girls and body image. I've seen this so so many times.

"I already am, I always was, and I still have time to be." LOVE THIS LINE.

BRAVE NEW VOICES - "Thinking About You"
Here's a poem from last year's BNV finals. It's adorable.

Image courtesy of Youth Speaks, videos courtesy of YouTube.

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