One Cent Albums and Dance Party Concerts (Courtesy of Hellogoodbye)

Last night my face burned bright red. Not that I was embarrassed, or was the victim of some weird sickness or anything. It's just that that sort of thing happens when I get anxious and when I feel like my world has shattered. For a solid minute last night I suffered from a short panic attack because I thought tickets to the local Hellogoodbye concert were sold out, and I was convinced that I had just secured myself another Saturday night in watching Malcolm in the Middle reruns on Netflix (not that there's anything wrong with that).

If you're my age, you may remember Hellogoodbye as one of your favorite bands back during middle school: the band that made fun synthpop and made it well, the one that released a cute song entitled "Here (In Your Arms)" that you swore was the anthem of you and your crush, the one that you danced around in your underwear to in your room by yourself…actually maybe these are details that we don't need to talk about on the internet.

A masterpiece.

Although far removed from their original electronic/auto-tuned sound, Hellogoodbye's 2010 sophomore album, Would it Kill You? still carries the same charm as their 2006 debut Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!. If you're at all a fan of twee/indie pop and sunny feelings, and you still haven't bought this fantastic record (come on, you're behind!), head on over here to finally grab an mp3 download of it at a price you decide. Or you could go here and get it for free.

THEN do yourself another favor and purchase a ticket to see them on July 25 at The Fillmore with Relient K and William Beckett. Hellogoodbye is a great group of talented, funny guys, and with them, a dance party is always guaranteed. Get yourself a ticket now before you miss out and your face changes color.

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