Miniature Tigers: Mia Pharaoh

Summer is in full swing-- The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and you are probably lounging comfortably outdoors, basking in one of NorCal's finest seasons. To accompany such fun and relaxing times, a perfect summer soundtrack is a necessity. Miniature Tiger's newest album, Mia Pharaoh, is a must listen and sweet background noise for summer road trips, sun bathing, and kick-backs.
Mia Pharaoh is just as poppy as past Miniature Tigers albums, but with much more dance. They definitely have more of an electronic influence on this album and we are digging it.
Songs "Female Doctor" & "Boomerang" get us dancing after long days at the beach, and "Cleopatra" is an anthem for getting over lost summer love. Get this album on your iPod for days at the pool and gaze at the water while listening to tunes such as "Afternoons with David Hockney", where you can daydream you are in one of Hockney's famous summer paintings.

Boomerang – Miniature Tigers

Female Doctor – Miniature Tigers

From start to finish, Mia Pharaoh hits you with sweet summer jams to keep you groovin over your next few weeks of freedom before Fall semester begins.
Afternoons with David Hockney – Miniature Tigers

Cleopatra – Miniature Tigers

Katie Roseff

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