JJAMZ Concert in Lower Sproul

JJAMZ in Lower Sproul 
A couple weeks ago, I discovered JJAMZ when I heard “Never Enough” playing on the Metric Pandora Station. I hit the thumbs up button, and took a mental note, telling myself to check out the rest of the their music when I had more time.

Well, I never really did find the time. But, as I walked through Sproul Plaza yesterday, I spotted, amidst all the usual craziness, a JJAMZ free concert flyer. I took it as a sign, and knew I had to go.

JJAMZ consists of The Like’s female front, Z Berg, Phantom Planet’s Alexander Greenwald, lead guitarist James Valentine of Maroon 5, former drummer Jason Boesel of Rilo Kiley, and Michael Runion.  

Z Berg
After seeing them perform most of the songs off their debut album, “Suicide Pact,” I would say that JJAMZ is one of me new favorite female-fronted bands. (Next to: Vivian Girls, Tennis, Best Coast, and Cults.) The electro-pop beats, the strong guitar riffs, and the melodic choruses managed to get some steady head bobbing in the crowd and a couple shy dance moves. Even though JJAMZ easily could be branded as a typical, indie band, Z Berg’s memorably sweet and sometimes smoky vocals could change your mind. Needless to say, the pop and indie-rock influences from each member’s former band seems to mesh perfectly and effortlessly. 
Alex Greenwald & Michael Runion
As soon as they finished performing, I rushed over to ask Z Berg if they had any vinyls (the lead singer thought I asked if they had “finals”—ha, I guess we really are college students), and ever since then I’ve been listening to “Never Enough” and “Suicide Pact” on repeat.
And despite my opinion that their music sounds better live than recorded, I think watching them perform was the best way to “check out the rest of their music”-- I’m pretty sure it converted me into a loyal JJAMZ fan.

Jamie Santiago  


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