Album Review: Ben Gibbard's "Former Lives"

Emo-Indie icon, Ben Gibbard, is back and his solo debut album, "Former Lives," brings us
Gibbard in his purest-- with a voice sweeter than honey and with more heartsickness than an 11-year old "Belieber." His new album is fresh air and a mark of maturity in composing, especially for those who expect homogeneity and that old Death Cab for Cutie sound. The 12-track album was featured as a whole on YouTube a week prior to it’s release in one video which highlights the seamless transitions from song to song, making it an easy front to back listen. Lyrically, you won't find much different from his previous works, but the appeal lies in the sound he's crafted. 

The first track hooks you with a dreamy a cappella track and he caps the album off with a warble accompanied only by his guitar. This itself, however, hardly captures the tone and diversity of the album. Like any good debuting solo artist, he finds the time to experiment and explore while still maintaining his core elements. It’s upbeat, it's Elliot Smith, it's the Beatles, its Country Western, it's mariachi and so much more, but most of all, it's Ben Gibbard. Some may be put off by the change in sound, but for him, it was simply his opportunity to unveil what he couldn't fit in to the Death Cab for Cutie scheme. And for those fretting over a Death Cab rift, Ben promises that their "health has never been better", so enjoy this delectable indie treat.

"Bigger Than Love"

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Jon San Miguel


  1. YES! I've been waiting for this album for my entire adolescent life. Also, why is the label Ben Gibbards. Why is there more than one. Wat.

  2. Oops! Thanks for letting us know, typo fixed :)