Happy Hour Oysters

There aren't many places near campus that sell oysters, let alone for a good price.
But there's a little restaurant called "Sea Salt" that has a place close to my heart.

Located on 2512 San Pablo Ave, it's only a quick bus or bike ride away (I've walked to it once, wasn't the best idea however), and I've since started a tradition from my freshman year, where me and a group of friends would bike on over and enjoy oysters for a pleasant Monday evening.

Their oysters are usually $3, but during happy hour, they go for just $1. The best part is, on Mondays, they extend their happy hour from 3-6 PM to 3-9:30 PM, making it a good spot for dinner on a Monday night if you're feeling a bit fancier. A great way to make those miserable mondays a little more bearable!

Click here to check it out, I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Jon San Miguel

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