Movie Review: Red Dawn

What would you do if your town suddenly became the starting point of a foreign invasion? What would you do if your father was murdered right in front of your eyes? The young people of Spokane, Washington in Red Dawn form a guerrilla unit called the Wolverines to gain back their town.

Red Dawn is a remake of 1984’s film of the same name; it’s an attempt to provide a new take using modern warfare tactics and artillery. Dan Bradley, director of Red Dawn, provides effective battle scenes, swift stunts, and heavy-duty explosions to create a realistic North Korean invasion situation. This is no doubt, another great weaponry performance by the director who is notorious for his work in the Bourne and Spiderman series as well as Quantum of Solace and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Chris Hemsworth also provides a solid film performance. He not only flutters the fans, but also delivers the emotional content needed for the film. In fact, his acting saved the plot from being bluntly cliché; his sincerity and masculinity acting skills carried the film.

There was unfortunately dubbing done for the North Korean actors in order to change from the originally filmed Chinese script. Although this was done in order to reach a broader market, it failed to strengthen the film content.

Till the end, the film makes the audience anticipate the town’s well-being and roots for the underdog Wolverines. Many of their friends and family die beside them in the fight, but the film nevertheless shows us the strength of courage and unity.

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Dooee Kim

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