The Inside Scope on Skyfall from the Director’s Perspective!

Bare Blogger Dooee Kim had the opportunity to chat with Sam Mendes, director of the 23rd spy film in the Bond Series, Skyfall, via conference call on his recent work. Although it was his first Bond film, he was able to create a solid film coherent with the series, and of course, infused with his own aesthetics.

It must have been hard to deal with the pressure of creating another high-profiled film in the celebrated franchise, but Sam Mendes was able to perform optimally with his down-to-earth outlook: simply, be yourself.

Mendes said that he tried to “tune out the white noise” of what everyone wants to see. Since “everyone has a different” Bond in their minds, it would be difficult to try to please everyone. Instead, he took note of the tradition in the old Bond films and pushed the genre in a different direction, creating his own take of a Bond series film. He states that the film has a “story that lasts two and a half hours,” but has a story “that’s interesting whether its called Bond or not.”

Moreover, he felt blessed that everyone approached for a role didn’t turn it down. And that there was a great combination of old and new talent in the film, which created something new and fresh—similar to how Bond’s fabulous hobby is resurrection.

Mendes claims that commercial and auteur films are not quite different from each other anymore. And that his personal aesthetics are very present in the film; he says, “I chose every shot, timed it,” it was as “personal as I have ever done.”

When working with the Bond character, Mendes said he rehearsed the language actor Daniel Craig would use. Since this character was a very “verbal character in English, someone who’s extremely good with words, different” from the other work Craig has done, there had to be extra practice done to create fluidity on film.

When asked if he wanted to attract the younger audience with the film, Mendes candidly says, “If you’re thinking about it, stop making the film you’re about to make.”

What do you guys think of Mendes innovative take on the new Skyfall film?
It got certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a solid 93% score and its costume designs features a chic collaboration with designer Tom Ford. You definitely wouldn’t miss out on the explosive, yet classic film.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, take a look!

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